If I Could Go Backwards In Time

Photo credit, Emberfly Theatre

The first draft of If I Could Go Backwards In Time was written in 2017 for Emberfly Theatre’s 24 Hour Play challenge at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. It was directed by Ruth Rundle and performed by Maeve O’Sullivan, Christina Murdock, Amalie Edwards and Stefanie Walker. 

After writing a very serious play about death for seven of the twelve hours Bethany had been given to write in, she was so depressed, she started a new play for the remaining five hours, intending it to be a romantic comedy. The play does fit into the rom-com genre, but is also about time, regrets, and facing up to what we really think and feel. 

The play has undergone two more drafts and Bethany is looking to further develop this script with a director. 

Currently: looking for a producer or company to take this play to production.